- iLearning (Integrated Learning)

2.1.1 Definisi Sistem Berikut ini adalah beberapa pengertian sistem menurut para pakar yang coba saya paparkan dari berbagai sumber: Menurut Mustakini (2009:34)[2], “Sistem dapat didefinisikan dengan pendekatan prosedur dan pendekatan komponen, sistem dapat didefinisikan sebagai kumpulan dari prosedur-prosedur yang mempunyai tujuan tertentu”. Mendefinisikan sistem secara umum sebagai kumpulan dari elemen-elemen yang berinteraksi untuk mencapai suatu tujuan tertentu sebagai satu kesatuan. (Agus Mulyanto, 2009 : 1)[3] Menurut Moekijat dalam Prasojo (2011:152)[4], “Sistem adalah setiap sesuatu terdiri dari obyek-obyek, atau unsur-unsur, atau komponen-komponen yang bertata kaitan dan bertata hubungan satu sama lain, sedemikian rupa sehingga unsur-unsur tersebut merupakan satu kesatuan pemrosesan atau pengolahan yang tertentu”. Menurut Tata Sutabri (2012:10)[5], secara sederhana, suatu sistem dapat diartikan sebagai suatu kumpulan atau himpunan dari unsur, komponen, atau variabel yang terorganisir, saling berinteraksi, saling tergantung satu sama lain, dan terpadu. Dari pendapat yang dikemukakan di atas dapat disimpulkan bahwa sistem adalah suatu kupulan atau kelompok dari elemen atau komponen yang saling berhubungan atau saling berinteraksi dan saling bergantung satu sama lain untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu.
2.5.1 Konsep Dasar iLearning Pada dasarnya istilah iLearning (Integrated Learning) berasal dari pemikiran perkembangan Teknologi iPad di Perguruan Tinggi Raharja, Belajar, Bermain, Berdoa dan Bekerja menurut Rahardja (2012)[13]. Pembelajaran secara efisien, praktis dan menyenangkan sehingga membuat mahasiswa/i menjadi lebih menarik dan semangat dalam belajar dengan di dukung teknologi yang mempermudah jangkauan mahasiswa/i dalam melakukan interaksi. Dengan demikian, pengertian terhadap keempat unsur-unsur pokok ini akan sangat membantu dalam memahami iLearning. Istilah iLearning mengandung pengertian bahwa: “Merupakan suatu metode sistem pembelajaran yang sedang disiapkan oleh Perguruan Tinggi Raharja dengan upaya memberikan pelayanan prima kepada seluruh mahasiswa/i dalam bentuk service excellence sebagai kampus unggulan”. “Perguruan Tinggi Raharja dalam mengembangkan konsep proses pembelajaran berbasis multimedia secara online yang dikemas secara entertainment, sehingga menghadirkan konsepInteractive Education Learning yang menyentuh dalam proses belajar mengajar kepada seluruh civitas akademika dan secara terus menerus melakukan perbaikan (continues improvement) menuju kesempurnaan dalam materi bahan ajar yang selalu berkembang seiring dengan kemajuan dan perkembangan teknologi”.
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- How To Make Money And Passive Income Online (4/4)

Takelessons dot com, Takelessons is a website where you can teach any skill everyone has a skill that they can teach whether that might be teaching someone a language how to cook how to play a musical instrument how to solve complex math equations anything you think someone else might not know you can teach people on take lessons and start making money.

Fiver, you've probably heard fiver mention a lot of times because it is simple and easy site to start making money but if you haven't basically it's a freelance website where you can literally outsource anything and I mean anything as long as it's legal for as little as five dollars there's so many different ways to make money on fiber just to name a few you can do animations logo design packaging design web and mobile design social media design Photoshop editing architecture and floor planning three D. models and product design tee shirts and merchandising SCO and so much more if there's anything that can be outsourced you can most likely find it on Fiverr head on over and check out fiber guys it's a legit way of making money.

Drop shipping, with drop shipping what you're basically doing is selling someone else stuff for a small or large profits without having to deal with the shipping so basically you're acting like a broker or a middle man you can do this by opening up a Shopify store and then linking it up with over low over low is an app that integrates with Shopify and it's what a lot of people used to source for stuff they'd like to sell on their stores the basic principle of drop shipping is you create a store or any channel where people can buy stuff from you then once they buy something from you you pay the manufacturer usually for a lot less than what you've got it for and then have the manufacturer ship it to the customer all without you ever seen or touching the product the best part of drop shipping is that you set your own price for the product you want to sell then take the profits and pay the manufacture the rest so yeah that's drop shipping in a not show if you're interested in drop shipping there a ton of tutoriales here on you too that will show you the step by step guide of creating your store finding products advertising finding influencers and finally shipping and getting paid it's a bit complicated to start especially in the beginning but you can make a ton of money with drop shipping with that said thank you guys for watching please subscribe enable notifications and I'll see you on the next one.

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- How To Make Money And Passive Income Online (3/4)

Clickbank, clickbank is a market place for product creators and affiliates to make money online by selling their courses or services to the world clickbank only sells digital products but the beauty of clickbank is the commission pay out is so much higher than Amazon some affiliates pay you as much as seventy five percent for selling their services while others pay as low as five percent so keep that in mind with that said you can make some really good money on clickbank hundreds or even thousands of dollars simply head over to clickbank take something to sell and start making money.

Flipper dot com, flip plays the number one marketplace for buying and selling online businesses it attracts a huge audience and it offers great tools to increase visibility it's an auction site pretty much like eBay for those selling and buying digital assets such as websites apps domains Shopify stores and Amazon FBA accounts if you're good at making apps or even websites you can actually selling online and make some money or better yet if you have some money lying around and you're interested in buying websites apps are each commerce stores that are already making money you can do so with flip what happens is you place a bit much like eBay and if your bid is the highest thing congradulations because you just bought yourself an online business you can also make money by selling online businesses so that split before you.

Shutterstock, basically Shutterstock is a platform where you can buy or sell digital media such as pictures music and video clips mainly created by freelancers and third parties so if you're particularly good at photography taking amazing pictures and videos or really good at making six feet you can monetize your talent on Shutterstock the way you make money with Shutterstock is every time someone purchases one of your pictures you get paid a commission usually a couple cents to a few dollars if you're lucky.

The trick to making a lot of money with Shutterstock is to consistently keep uploading high quality images seven rover do you like pets dogs in particular if so then you should check out rover Rovers a dog sitting service but this is currently only available in the United States and Canada so if you live in either of those two countries than you can register as a dog sitter and get paid for babysitting dogs you can make anywhere between eighty and a hundred dollars a night just by watching someone's dog you can literally make hundreds of dollars a week just by babysitting someone's pet how about that for a deal on.

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