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- How To Make Money And Passive Income Online (2/4)

Amazon, as you know they started the company selling books now sells almost anything you can think up, it's not just a site for buying your favorite toys though, you can actually make money with Amazon and here's three ways you can do that;

The first way is Amazon mechanical Turk, mechanical Turk is kind of like up work it's a place where businesses outsource work, it's too difficult for a computer program to do such as audio editing and transcribing translating audio and video from different languages, testing web pages, writing reviews and a whole lot of other services you can make as much as twenty or thirty dollars an hour by working on a few different tasks, this is a legit way of making money and they do pay this is active income.

Now the second way is Amazon kindle publishing turn your ideas into an ebook and make money today every time you buy an E book from Amazon.

Amazon and the publisher make money and you can too the thing with kindle publishing is you first need a book to sell you can either write this book yourself or you can hire someone to write it for you you, don't have to be an established author or find a publishing company to do this, you can actually do this from the comfort of your home and start earning some passive income sounds awesome right and the best part is it's absolutely free so sign up and start making some money.

Amazon takes care of the money handling and you can sit back relax on your couch while making some good old passive income, if you're really interested in kindle publishing I highly recommend you do more research on this topic you can find free videos and tutorials right here on YouTube that will teach you the basics, if you want expert advice you might have to pay for a course all link a really good one in the description if you're interested some people make over one hundred thousand dollars publishing kindle E books on Amazon it's definitely a market to look into.

The third way is Amazon associates program this is a very popular in easy way of earning passive income. All you do is sign up to the Amazon associates program which is free then you can pick from thousands of things on Amazon to sell on your website and start promoting Amazon will give you a special link and every time someone buys through your link Amazon will give you a commission anywhere from five to ten percent of the sale.

Amazon will pay you sixty days after purchase and you can choose to be paid either through Amazon gift cards or wire transfer to a bank account although this is currently only available in the United States but if you live outside of America you can be paid via checks or you can have the money transfer to your Amazon account and start buying stuff with it.

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